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About us


VincenTrainer is above all a philosophy, where body and mind are one. Entirely based on well-being, respect and surpassing oneself.

We prefer to value the technique and perfection of the movements for the sole purpose of avoiding any form of injury and bad habit and above all to guarantee better results.

Whether it is for:

  • weight loss
  • muscle gain
  • or a well-being

our entire professional team is there to guide you to success.

What matters most to us is your physical and mental well-being.

Good food hygiene is essential (possibility of a nutritional program with our nutrition expert partners) and regularity in training as well as programmed recovery to guarantee optimal results.

We are proud to work closely with EIB, European Investment Bank and a very large number of individuals in Luxembourg.

We are also very concerned and respectful of the privacy of our clients , which is why a confidentiality clause may be requested by the client in order to guarantee anonymity.

Our coaches

Our physical trainers are certified, all European Union State Diplomas (EHFA certification*)
* European Health and Fitness Association, a quality assurance system that has been in use since 2007 and has successfully accredited more than 30 training companies across Europe.

VincenTrainer Founder


Sports coach, Vincent Lancelot founder of VincenTrainer holder of State Diploma (French) and member of EREPS, European Register of Exercise Professionals former physical trainer of the national women’s Volleyball team of the Grand Duchy (2 seasons FLVB).

Sports coach

Graduated since 2011 from the BPJEPS AGFF / Certified Pilates method / Certified mental trainer.

Cédric accompanies you and meets your expectations in order to lead you to success.
He transmits to you his positive state of mind, his good humor, and instills in you constancy, perseverance and progress through personal training. He adapts, remains available and listens to you throughout your journey.

Weight loss, fitness, mass gain, flexibility gain, muscle strengthening, preparation for a sporting event, he develops personalized sessions that adapt to your objectives.

His specialty: The PILATES method
Certified Pilates: Matwork1 and 2/Small equipment/Pregnant women/Seniors and Post-therapy.
This method allows you to work the deep muscles, strengthen your pelvic floor, strengthen your concentration and improve your breathing: an absolute connection with this magnificent envelope, your BODY.

“Your objectives are his priorities”

Coach sportif

Holder of a BPJEPS Weightlifting-Bodybuilding, a Bachelor in Dietetics and Sports Nutrition and certified in 4 massages, I am committed to making you a priority.

Whatever your goals (weight loss, weight gain, physical preparation, releasing accumulated tension, relaxing, etc.), I will do everything I can to help you achieve them and surpass yourself.

Passionate about sport and nutrition since I was little, I love helping others above all else. Thanks to my skills and knowledge that I continue to deepen, I will be able to help you and provide answers to your questions.

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