Personal Trainer wanted


What marks us apart : passion for the job, kindness, righteousness, courage, respect, self-control, honour, loyalty, sincerity, modesty, humility.

  • A good Personal Trainer knows and manages to get the most out of his clients

  • A good personal trainer delivers real experience and not just a fitness session.

  • A good personal trainer is a person who knows how to communicate.

  • A good personal trainer tells his customers what they need to hear and not necessarily what they want to hear

  • A good personal trainer is a leader because of his attitude. He begins by applying to himself the advice he gives to others.

  • A good personal trainer knows how to adapt in all circumstances.

  • A good personal trainer has made many mistakes and will make many more because he tries new things, predicts risks, innovates in order to move forward. He learns a lot from his mistakes.

  • A good personal trainer knows that once he has obtained his diploma, it is only the beginning of his apprenticeship and only knows the basics. He is constantly learning and has the desire to become the best version of himself, he trains himself by reading books, articles, studies (on subjects such as nutrition, leadership, business, training and personal development) and by learning from the best in his field, he participates in conferences, training. He understands that the money he spends, as well as the time, is an investment for him and his clients.

  • A good personal trainer does not forget that his customers are not necessarily like him in the sense that fitness is not necessarily their passion… The clients have many things to manage in their lives (work, family, friends, problems, activities) and they make the extra effort to organize their planning in order to be present during our sessions which is not necessarily obvious but is more than respectable. These people do not hesitate to come and push their mental and physical limits while most of the people around them remain inactive. If our customers do not choose the easiest path, it goes without saying that we must do the same and offer an impeccable and excellent quality service.

If you find your qualities and a philosophy that resembles you in these explanations then we are made to work together.

We would be happy to have you as part of our Team, please note that all our positions are only for freelancers with a motivating salary.

Feel free to leave your CV and covering letter at, we will keep you informed with an appointment for your interview.

Once the interview has been validated, a non-competition contract will have to be signed by both parties.