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What Stretching is all about?

Stretching is a soft gymnastics class that aims to soften your body’s muscles and stretchen all your muscles, joints and tendons.

The coach prepares you a diverse mix of physical training methods, traditional gymnastic gestures and oriental techniques such as yoga.

Despite their apparent simplicity, the gestures are relatively complex and must be performed rigorously to avoid pain and accidents (especially in the tendons)

Two main objectives: flexibility & relaxation.

How does the course work?

From 45 to 60 minutes stretching classes can increase the general flexibility of your body and tune your figure. They will also help you prevent muscle pain and high blood pressure.

Who is it addressed to?

Stretching is a very accessible activity that is aimed at all practitioners. It is good to include a weekly stretching session to soften the muscles.


  • General maintenance of the body (spine)
  • Perception and awareness of your body
  • Breathing that becomes wider and deeper with a better awareness of the movements of your rib cage
  • Flexibility
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